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The Lillian Howell Project (Lillian's) is a specialist homelessness service providing medium to long term 24 hour, on-site gender specific supported housing for up to 13 young women and girls from the age of 13 to 17 years. Lillian’s has been operating in Sydney’s Inner West since 1988. Lillian’s aim is to provide these young women, who are survivors of child sexual abuse, neglect or family violence, with a stable and non-judgemental environment. For over 27 years, we have provided this service in a building built specifically for this purpose.


The Lillian Howell Project offers a trauma informed care approach that is reparative and empowering and in fact has been a pioneer in this area. Our approach is one that as well as providing a safe and secure setting, builds the capacity of the young women through modeling reliable and consistent behaviours. Over an extended period of time the competency and confidence of each young woman builds, and their capacity to make autonomous and independent decisions about their own future grows. Lillian’s environment allows the young women’s trust and assuredness to develop so that they are able to achieve their goals of completing their education, gaining employment and progressing to independent living.



The Lillian Howell Project has long been regarded as providing a benchmark in high quality, relational based care, providing a much needed, gender-specific, medium term to long term supported housing option for young women within the specialist homelessness sector. Over this time, we have supported many young women escaping family and domestic violence, who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect, to heal, flourish and break the cycle of homelessness.


Your support to continue Lillian Howell Project’s service would be greatly appreciated. Please visit our 'GET INVOLVED ' page for more information on how you can help.


Our Model of Care


Lillian's has drawn from Bruce Perry's six (6) core strengths to frame its therapeutic care model for the young women in our program.


  • Attachment - making relationships

  • Self-regulation - containing impulses

  • Affiliation - being part of a group

  • Attunement - being aware of others

  • Tolerance - accept differences

  • Respect - finding value in differences


Each of these core strengths is a building block in a child's development.


By incorporating these core strengths into areas of assessment and achievement, Lillian's can help to build the capacity of each young woman.



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