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Partnerships & Funding Arrangements




New South Wales Department of Family And Community Services (FACS)

Lillian's is funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) under the Homelessness Youth Assistance Program (HYAP).



Lillian's Opportunities For Tomorrow (LOFT)


LOFT is a HYAP funded partnership between the Lillian Howell Project and Youth Off The Streets. The Homeless Youth Assistance Program (HYAP) is a new program funded by FACS established as part of the NSW Government’s Going Home Staying Home reform. The aim of the HYAP program is to assist children and young people between the ages of 13–17 years experiencing or at risk of homelessness.



Our Collective Impact partners


Metro Housing - Lillian's has a partnership with Metro Housing for the provision of transitional properties. These properties are an important stepping stone for the young women who come through our program to moving into the private rental market. Lillian's currently provides case management and outreach support to 4 young women in transitional properties through Metro Housing. To find out more information about Metro Housing please click on the link here.


Detour House Inc. - Lillian's has a memorandum of understanding with Detour House Inc. in the transitioning of young women into Lillian's from their short term crisis accommodation service, The Girls Refuge. The girls from Lillian's are also given the opportunity to participate in the Encouraging Girls to Grow (EGG) Career Mentoring program in partnership with The Girls Refuge, Leichhardt Women's Health Centre and PwC Australia. The program assists young women with job readiness, presentation, interviewing skills and developing their resume. To find out more about The Girls Refuge please click on the link here.

PwC Australia - PwC Australia supports Lillian's in a variety of ways, financially through cash donations and the corporate matching of funds donated through Good2Give, and through the donation of equipment and partnership in the EGG Mentoring Program with The Girls Refuge, Lillian's and the Leichhardt Women's Health Centre.


Oz Harvest - Oz Harvest generously donate food provisions to Lillian's. This is a vital service in supplementing the everyday cost of feeding the residents housed through Lillian's accommodation service. To find out more about Oz Harvest or to donate please click on the link here.

The Beauty Bank - The Beauty Bank continues to assist young women in need through their kind donations to Lillians of life's little luxuries - the things young women who are experiencing homelessness, trauma and neglect really appreciate and value. To find out more about The Beauty Bank or to donate please click on the link here.

Share The Dignity - Share the Dignity collects donations of personal care products and sanitary items for women in need and delivers to partner homelessness and domestic violence charities and organisation including Lillian's. To find out more about Share the Dignity or to donate please click on the link here. 

We All Care -  We All Care is a community organisation working to support disadvantaged families in the community. They provide a platform through which clothing, toiletries, books, toys, food, linen and other goods can be distributed directly to children and families experiencing poverty including Lillian's. To donate to We All Care please click on the link here.

The Sebastian Foundation - Based on an understanding of the positive impact a strong family unit can have, The Sebastian Foundation seeks to provide a little bit of the warmth and benefit of family, where it might be missing through underprivilege, serious illness or domestic violence. The Sebastion Foundation developed and ran programs on self-esteem, health and wellbeing. To find out more about The Sebastian Foundation please click on the link here.

Marrickville Youth Resource Centre (MYRC) - Lillian's works with young women in an outreach capacity for young women in need of support and case management through The Girls Club, run with Marrickville High School at MYRC. To find out more about Marrickville Youth Resource Centre please click on the link here.

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